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General Info regarding Pool Code, Warranty, Receiving Goods

Raking of the fence

a safe distance to use as a guide is 12" over the span of the fence.
Some sections of fence may rake slightly more or less. For increased slopes a Double Punched section may be required. No charge for double punch.
Double punch is not available for XP, Elegant Arch, Cathedral, Puppy, Castle, or San Fran styles.


Pool Code - Always check with your local municipality.

Do Not use mounting castings on any fence over 4' high or for any gates.

Never use Global Fence and Gate Company's fence as railing. Our fence is not designed to meet railing codes.

You can have whatever color you want as long as it's Black, Bronze or White. Hardware may be ordered in our Gold power coat finish. (Not under warranty)

Cathedral Finials are added in the field.

All Finials are added in the field. Finials are priced separately. Victorian in Residential ONLY.

When ordering 2 1/2" post with commercial fence, special 1 1/4" Tek screws must be ordered.
An up-charge of $1.00 per section.

54" Sierra and Outback can be ordered as a "Drop Rail". The middle & bottom rail are 45" apart, which meets B.O.C.A. pool code. Be sure to check with your local municipality.

Vinyl Fence Colors - Vinyl Fence is available in White, other color options available for Up-Charge. Black Vinyl NOT available.

SPECIALS - Global Fence and Gate Company will work with you as much as possible to satisfy your customer's needs.  However, additional charges may be incurred.

Always inform Customer Service when mounting gates to a brick column.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: The Best Fence Warranty in the Industry

When you work with one of the leading fence and gate companies, it’s only natural to expect one of the best warranties that the industry has to offer. That said, Global Fence & Gate customers receive a Homeowners Lifetime-Limited Warranty, which does the following:

  • Guarantees your fence against any potential defects in workmanship.
  • Guarantees the powder coat finish on all products (no chipping, peeling, cracking, flaking or rusting for as long as you own your home!) 

Voiding Your Warranty

Your warranty may be null and void based on the following criteria:

  • The fence is improperly installed, abused, misused or damaged in an accident, in transit or because of Mother Nature.
  • You try to transfer the warranty to another person.

All Global Fence & Gate products that are sold to a business, corporation or partnership are subject to a 30-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Damage to Your Fence

Accidents happen; and at our discretion, we are happy to repair or replace any parts that become defective. Simply send us a pre-paid envelope containing the defective parts.

While this warranty outlines legal rights, it is always best to check within the state you live in as rights vary from state to state.

Receiving Damaged Fence Goods



CHECK YOUR Fence Order CAREFULLY WHEN DELIVERED to see that it is in good condition and all of the fence order is accountable. When packages check short or are in bad condition, have the Carrier's agent make notification of this fact on the freight bill and then he must sign it. Whenever in doubt, sign freight bill “SUBJECT TO INSPECTION FOR CONCEALED LOSS OR DAMAGE".

CONCEALED LOSS OR DAMAGE DISCOVERED AFTER DELIVERY of FENCE must be reported to the delivering Carrier within 15 days after receipt. Hold the fence, boxes and packaging materials in exact condition as found for inspection by the Carrier. An inspector for the Carrier should call within 48 hours. If nothing is heard in time, notify them by registered mail and get a receipt. The Carrier will issue an inspection report on the fence order and give you a copy which must be used to support your claim.


MAKE YOUR CLAIM PROMPTLY. Carrier will not consider a claim unless presented within 9 months after receipt of shipment. (Obtain proper forms from the Carrier or your local stationary supplies dealer.)

FILING YOUR CLAIM- There are specific documents required in support of claims. Hang on to them to avoid delays in settlement. They are as follows:

1. Original Bill of Lading
2. Original Destination freight Bill
3. Original Invoice or other evidence of value
4. Correspondence with Global Fence or Carrier
5. Concealed Loss form or copy of inspector's report
6. Itemized bill cost of repairs (if, with Carrier's approval, you have to repair the damage.)

PLEASE DO NOT DEDUCT THE AMOUNT OF LOSS OR DAMAGE from Global Fence invoices while the adjustment of the claim, as we do not guarantee safe delivery.

PLEASE DO NOT RETURN GOODS to Global Fence or instruct carriers to return goods without first securing authorization and shipping instructions from Global Fence.

Global Fence wants to assist you in every manner possible in collecting against Carrier for loss or damage, but our willingness to do so does not make us responsible for the filing or collecting of claims, or the replacement of fencing materials.

Note: Any Custom or Special items are not returnable.

If the customer requests a LIFT GATE or incurs a re-delivery fee or uses any optional service from shipper, the customer must contract these services directly with shipper and pay driver at time of delivery. Customer agrees that they are responsible for any additional fees charged by the freight company.
Customers assume all CODE LIABILITY for fences purchased
Global Fence is not responsible for items that were purchased in error or that do not meet BOCA, County, City, Township, Sub Division Codes or Home Owners Association codes.

CUSTOMER MUST BE PRESENT at time of delivery in order to inspect and receive the shipment

The CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE for unloading the product from the truck. If products are shipped on a pallet and no lift truck is available the product will have to be removed piece-by-piece from the pallet. The driver's only responsibility is to ensure the product is moved to the rear of the trailer. Some drivers will assist customers in the unloading process, however it is not required nor should it be expected.


About Global Fence and Gate, LLC

As a one of the United States’ leading suppliers of aluminum fence materials, Global Fence & Gate  (GFAG) offers a wide variety of fence options for the following types of aluminum and vinyl fence products:

Aluminum Fence Options
    Residential fence
    Commercial fence
    Industrial fence

Vinyl Fence Options
    Privacy fences
    3 rail horse fences
    Pool code fences

    Aluminum estate gates
    Aluminum railing
    Aluminum arbors

With more than 15 different styles to choose from, Global Fence & Gate also safeguards fences against  weather fading and rust with a super durable powder coating. Our fences are easy to install and are virtually maintenance-free, thanks to our maintenance-free powder-coating. This coating is extremely powerful (6000 series aluminum strength) and adds to the overall durability of your fence products

Choose Your Aluminum Fence or Vinyl Fence Style

At Global Fence & Gate, we have a full selection of custom fence accessories to complement your new fence. Choose from 6’ and 8’ fence lengths. We also have 3’ to 8’ fence heights available; and all of our pool code fences meet the standards set forth by the Building Officials Code Administrators International (BOCA).

All of our fences come in fully-assembled sections that make it easy for you to get your fence installed in no time. Besides this, we use only the highest quality and grade of products to construct our fences. We don’t import; we manufacture our products right here, in the USA! From fence order to fence shipment, you can be assured that we have your best interests in mind.

The GFAG Limited Lifetime Warranty

Global Fence and Gate offers the best warranty on fences and fence products. Whether you’re ordering a new aluminum fence, aluminum railing, vinyl fence or other product, all of our fence hardware is included with each purchase and ships within two weeks.

Our American-made, quality fences are backed by brick and mortar and are virtually untouchable by any imported product you’ll see. Call us today at 1-866-776-3230, and experience the difference a quality fence can make to your property!






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