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The Truth Absolute

Sentinel Aluminum Fence

Kroy Vinyl Fence

Global Fence and Gate’s OUTSTANDING Suppliers

The Kroy Vinyl and Sentinel Aluminum Fence Advantages

Commitment to Integrity - Made in the USA

BEST Warranties in the Industry

Proven Quality Testing w/ Certified Materials

Superior Color Retention – UV Fade and chalking resistance

Ease of Installation – Engineered with installation in mind


Avoid the buyer's remorse often associated with poor purchase choices. Instead, trust Global Fence and Gate for your next fence and/or gate. When you buy from us, you're guaranteed to receive a high quality, American-made fence/gate product built to add lasting value to your residence or commercial property for years to come. These photos below are customers that did NOT choose Global Fence and Gate:

Vinyl Fence

All vinyl and composite products might look the same at a distance, but they are not manufactured to the same level of expertise that Kroy is known for in the industry.

Kroy’s Vinyl Fence and composite Outdoor Products set the standards for aesthetics, durability,

Low Maintenance and Ease of Installation.

We back our products with a Limited Lifetime, Transferable Warranty and support our business with a highly trained and knowledgeable cast of professionals.

Expertise and Experience

Our history and our expertise ensure we are your best source for information and knowledge about materials, specifications and installation. We are NOT a middle-man importer.

The Highest Standard

Our fence systems are designed to stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions. Strength engineered, with more stiffeners and thicker walls for greater performance.

The Performance Difference

We take pride in performance testing all of our products to satisfy our rigorous quality standards

Rigid PVC homopolymer compound modified for cold weather impact retention. Fence made of 100% virgin vinyl, dually extruded, for superior structural integrity High levels of titanium dioxide pigments in PVC (vinyl fence) provides strong ultraviolet light resistance.

Proven Quality and Reliability

Our state of the art QC labs, provide continuous testing and monitoring of the profiles right on the production line. Multiple samples are pulled during each shift and tested for fit, form and function. Challenge the Importer FOR PROOF (See video)

The Absolute Commitment of the Company behind our Warranty

Since dual-extruding manufacturers make bigger investments in fixed assets and people, they must be committed to the vinyl industry for the long haul. We must do a superior job over a longer period of time before obtaining a reasonable return on investment. When deciding which is best for you, look for details that indicate the company's commitment to total quality in every aspect of the fence, you will not find a better one than Kroy.

  • Notched rail-fastening systems
  • Heavy wall posts and rails
  • Aluminum inserts in rails on certain residential styles for added strength on longer panels
  • Painted-head stainless steel screws on styles using fasteners to attach pickets
  • Stainless steel fasteners and hardware
  • A meaningful warranty backed by a well known established company, Ply-Gem products.

 For Full Westech Vinyl Fence Warranty click here.

Aluminum Fence

Limited Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your home

Best in Industry

Super Durable Powder Coating (no “gray” out)

Meets or exceed all Competitors

Strongest Materials in the Industry – Certified American Made

All Gates made in house including Estate and Slide gates

Competition outsourced - china

The Truth Absolute

Beware of companies claiming to be made in the USA that are only assembling fence already processed and coated in China.

Global Fence and Gate Company - an all American company that gets ALL of our aluminum extrusion from US companies and fabricates all gates and arbors in house insuring the highest quality standards. 
Remember : You Get What You Pay For!

This is just one more thing Global Fence customers don't have to worry about...


Issues with Cheap China Imports

Words to Live by:  Trust / Honesty / Integrity

Bad Paint:  Lead Paint on Baby Toys, Eye Shadows, Kids Jewelry.
Of course they assured you they are only using super-durable powders.
How much will it cost you to replace the fence that the powder has chipped off?

Bad Metal:  Aluminum bike frames recalled after it was found that the frames could break rather easily.
Of course they assured you they are using only certified high quality aluminum.
How much will it cost you to replace those cheap gates with broken welds?

Bad Choice:  Trading with the largely unregulated Chinese marketplace has its risks, of course, as evidenced by the many lawsuits that U.S. pet food companies now face from angry consumers who say their pets were poisoned by tainted Chinese ingredients. 5/20/07
Of course they have a Warranty.  Anybody could make one up but only a US manufacturer can back it up!
How much is it going to cost you when they simply disappear?

Welded Gates

Experience has shown us that welded gates are far more durable than bolted gates.  Why?

Well, when you weld the gate to the fence, it becomes one sturdy, solid piece, rather than several pieces fastened together with hardware.  As a movable element, the frequent, repetitive motions of opening and closing a gate actually act to loosen bolts over time.  This can lead to noisy rattling, even distortion of the hinges, if they are left to support the weight of the gate on their own.  Which means, with bolted gates, you must remain vigilant about maintenance, checking often to ensure the tightness of the bolts.

Welding the gate to the fence simply makes the fence sturdier, more secure and just plain worry-free.

Steel Rusts

You can be sure of 3 things. 1. You are going to pay taxes (sorry) 2. You are going to die (really sorry) and 3. STEEL RUSTS

Made with iron, steel is vulnerable to the oxidation process that gives rise to rust.  Even coated steel fences aren't immune, because all it takes is a single scratch to expose the metal and allow rust to start forming.  From there, it's just a matter of time before the paint starts flaking, exposing more and more of the fence to the elements.

Global fences, however, are constructed entirely of aluminum.  And aluminum doesn't rust.  Period.  Which means your fence will weather the elements pretty much as long as the rest of your house (maybe longer!).

Shipping and Receiving

Your fence order will be coming to you directly from our manufacturing facility. It will be necessary for you or your representative to be on site at the time of the delivery to unload the truck. Our trucking companies will call before arriving to arrange a day and time for delivery.

Most shipments are typically delivered on pallets. The pallets are typically broken open to be offloaded by hand or you can use a forklift. Most residential deliveries will need to be offloaded by hand. Depending on the size of your order - you must have another person(s) to help unload the truck. The driver is only responsible to get the order to the end of the truck (if possible - Post and Rail orders with 16' rails cannot be moved to the back of the truck). It is the recipient’s responsibility to remove it. This only applies to Motor Freight deliveries not any order that can be sent via UPS.

The sections come ready to assemble - all rails are routed, all pickets are cut and labeled, all posts are routed and labeled. The sections will need to be put together on site Refused deliveries incur a 35% re-stocking fee plus applicable cancellation fees, in-bound freight charges, and shipping and handling back to the manufacturer at the customer's rate. Please do not refuse a delivery, contact for a RMA.
Upon delivery of your order make sure that you check the pallet/pallets for your name and invoice number.

When asked to sign any delivery receipts it is important to put “Subject to Inspection” and sign your name.

You must report any product errors within 48 hours of receipt. After 48 hours it is the customer’s responsibility to file all insurance claims with the carrier for any damages, errors, or missing product.


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